Walt Disney World and Disneyland 2016 Ticket Increase Explained

Walt Disney World and Disneyland 2016 Ticket Increase Explained

Effective this morning (February 28) Disney World®‎ and Disneyland® raised their ticket prices. A part of this price increase includes the start of seasonal pricing for 1-Day tickets at both resorts. Below you will find updated ticket prices for Disney World®‎ and Disneyland®. Another change in Disney’s ticketing structure is that 1-Day tickets will now be priced Seasonally.



How Does Seasonal Pricing Work?
Each month will be divided into three types of days: value, regular and peak . These seasons will be based on projected park crowds, so value days are projected to be less busy and less expensive. Below you will find the Pirate and Mermaid Vacations’ version of Disney’s “Seasonal Calendar” which notes the majority of major holidays, runDisney events, and festivals. 



I already bought tickets. Will they be effected?
If you purchased 1-Day tickets on or after Sunday, Feb. 28, your ticket will expire at the end of 2017, as the new 1-day tickets will now expire at the end of the next calendar year. The amount paid for an unused, expired ticket may be applied towards the purchase of a new ticket at the current price.

I already booked a Disney Resort Travel Package, does this effect me?
Yes and no. If you have already booked your trip AND have had a sale applied to your pricing, this change will not effect you. If you have booked your trip without a sale being applied, when/if an applicable sale is released for your trip, Disney will update your pricing to current ticket prices prior to applying your discount.

If you have any questions on Disney’s new Seasonal ticket pricing, please feel free to contact us directly. If you would like a quote or to book your out of this world adventure contact us today!