Travel Tip Tuesday: Beating the Heat Tips

While it is starting to cool off in some parts of the United States it is still hot in Florida. So this Travel Tip Tuesday we wanted to share a five great items with you to help you beat the heat and stay dry in the rain!

  • An insulated water bottle like a Camelbak eddy is easy to carry, can be loaded with ice, and won’t get condensation on your personal belongings.
  • BodyGlide is a great product that helps protect your skin from chaffing, and is a great item to use on your shoulders when carrying a backpack! It even comes in a “For Her” formula.
  • Travel size sunscreen makes it easy to reapply through the day, while not taking up a lot of bag space!
  • Chill towels help cool you off in line without making a huge mess!
  • Travel rain ponchos that come in their own case are useful and fun. During a rain storm having your own ponchos saves you money, and makes it easier to find your family in friends in the sea of matching ponchos people have bought in the park! The even come in children’s sizes! These great ponchos come in their own travel page, and fit nicely in a gallon Ziploc bag once the rain has stopped to keep the inside of your day bag dry!